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  CHEIRON History

 CHEIRON PHARMA is a leading pharmaceutical company in the cosmeceutical field. CHEIRON PHARMA main area of concentration is the development, manufacturing and marketing of novel, innovative and effective products, focused on the field of “corneotherapy”.

CHEIRON PHARMA is diversified, and has stood out from the crowd of its competitors. The reason for this being the launching, both in Greece and other markets abroad, a number of unique and effective “corneotherapy” products, which made an excellent impression on the physicians community since they met the unmet medical needs of the practitioners and their patients.

CHEIRON PHARMA¢s staff and associates form a solid team, administrated by extremely motivated and highly experienced professionals in their area of expertise. Corporate staff have many years of experience in the pharmaceutical sector and a successful professional background in Greek and multinational pharmaceutical companies.

The Research & Development department, driven by innovation and based on international medical studies, is engaged in the development of unique, effective and safe “corneotherapy” products, which will expand CHEIRON PHARMA product portofolio.

CHEIRON PHARMA is unique and stands out from all other companies in this field by having an unconventional profile:

«The receptiveness and innovation of a small company, with resources and market presence of a large company»

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