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The name CHEIRON () is of ancient Greek origin and has not been chosen by chance. Centaur Cheiron was the son of Cronus and Philyra. He differed and distinguished from all other Centaurs for his attentiveness, prudence, judiciousness, piety and wisdom. He was a friend of both gods and heroes. Homer referred to him as the most righteous, whilst Pindar characterized him as divine. Cheiron was considered to have a wide range of knowledge. He is characterized as very capable doctor (perhaps the first referred to in Greek Mythology) and is the author of a medical book, The Cheironian Bible. He had been the tutor of, among other, Asclepius (the god of medicine) and Achilles. He taught the art of healing to Asclepius and also taught Achilles how to treat wounds and use medicines.

Inspired by and respectful to the gravity embodied in its name, CHEIRON PHARMA stands by the side of medical doctors as well as others healthcare providers with products of high quality and effectiveness.

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