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At CHEIRON PHARMA, we focus on skin health.

We study carefully and we identify the specific clinical needs of skin conditions.

Uniqueness is our guideline and innovation is the cornerstone of our business.

We're constantly working with persistence, creativity and imagination, to develop and provide innovative, effective and safe, medical-grade, skin care products.

Each CHEIRON PHARMA product added to a physician's therapeutic armamentarium should be - and it certainly is - UNIQUE !.

  Career Opportunities

CHEIRON PHARMA is a Greek company, boasting an unconventional profile setting the company apart from its competitors.

The receptiveness and innovation of a small company,
with resources and market presence of a large company

Our Vision and our Mission lead everyone of us - from the founding principals to the newest colleague in the company - to work hard, with passion and zest, to higher performances and to constant groundbreaking innovations, all by opening new pathways and practicing new ideas in the prevention and management of skin conditions.

These are only some of the features differentiating CHEIRON PHARMA from all other companies in the dermatology field.

Constantly developing CHEIRON PHARMA offers employees a rapid professional upturn, while providing opportunity for the constant development of professional skills within a dynamic and competitive environment.

At CHEIRON PHARMA we scout for new employees within a crowd of candidates, whose education, skills and personality will add to the Corporate Values we all hold dear. These Corporate Values determine the everyday activities of each member of the CHEIRON PHARMA family.

Procedures for the recruitment of professionals of all ranks rely not only on typical skills (education, previous experience if available) but also on their character, managerial skills and their will for professional development. We mostly focus though on creative imagination and problem solving.

Selection procedure, after receipt of a CV (preferred field of activity should be therein specified) follows a four-stage approach:

1. CV evaluation and drawing of a first list of candidates.
2. Candidates are called to fill in a questionnaire pertaining to their professional attitude.
3. Prevailing candidates are called in for an interview issued by one or more managers of the interested department.
4. Candidates are notified of the results.

If your wish to take your career in your hands and have the opportunity for rapid professional development and constant professional education and training,

If you have a creative imagination and embrace CHEIRON PHARMAs Corporate Values,

If you set high personal performance standards,

If you wish to join our Vision and contribute to our Mission,

Then we welcome you to send your CV:

FAX: +30 210 2025723



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